Factories Act Compliances

Factories Act Compliances

  • Factory Registration

    Register a new factory or Existing Factory As per Factories Act

  • Factory Plan Approval

    Approval of Factory Plant & Machinery layout as per Factories Act

  • Building Stability Certificate

    Inspection & Issue of Factory Building Stability Certificate

  • Safety Audit

    Conducting Safety Audit as per IS 14489

  • Health & Safety Policy

    Preparing customized Health & Safety Policy

  • Disaster Control Plan

    Preparation of Action plan for handling Emergency

  • Fire Survey

    Conducting Survey of the Factory to analyse the adequacy of fire fighting measures

  • Hazop Studies

    Conducting Hazard Operability Studies & Rpeort preparation

  • Risk & Consequence Analysis

    Conduct Analysis of the risks involved in awork process and nalyse the consequences of Risks involved.

  • Ventilation/Noise/Illumination Surveys

    Conduct surveys & report preparation

  • Accident Analysis

    Root cause analysis of Accident Occurence

  • Annual Contract for EHS Compliances

    We undertake Annual Contract for EHs Compliances and reporting System

  • Testing & Examination of lifting tools & Pressure Vessels

    as per Factories Act yearly and six monthly Certifications

  • Safety Training Workshops

    We undertake Customized Training Workshops as per your requirements on various Safety Topics.

  • Mock Drills

    We assist in conducting Mock Drill practices and monitor the Mock Drill